[Game Report] SJ 6, DET 3 from 1-7-17

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Saturday game the Sharks played against the Red Wings. San Jose honored 50 years of hockey in the bay area, with origins in the California Golden Seals. The free t-shirt is the featured image.

Unsurprisingly for an Original Six team, red jerseys were numerous throughout the arena. Detroit is a team I highly respect. Growing up with a struggling Sharks team, the Red Wings were a near automatic loss for multiple seasons each meeting. Henrik Zetterberg of Detroit has become a near equivalent to Patrick Marleau of the San Jose. He and other veteran players of a changing Detroit team remain relevant to the game.

The Red Wings are in the hunt for a Wild Card spot at this point in the season, in danger of ending a 25 year playoff run.

San Jose offense was huge this game. Although it has been said before, the Sharks took that opportunity to become the last team this season to hit the 5 goal mark, exceeding it in this game by 1. The Red Wings did remain threatening for the remainder of the game. You cannot count a team like Detroit out, even down by multiple goals. (Recent evidence: the Centennial Classic) Captain Joe Pavelski netted two goals in a solid finish.

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